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Founded in 2009, Positive Communication Practices (PCP) develops programs that offer positive lifestyle alternatives by providing guidance and positive direction while creating a space for sharing and the opportunity for both healing and growth.

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

The ROP methodology is dedicated to helping incarcerated young men make fundamental and emotional shifts away from childhood so they begin understanding the importance of thinking like responsible adult men as they begin transitioning into the next phase of their lives, a pivotal time to introduce emotional intelligence, self-development information, and skill building.


ROP graduates felt more confident communicating their feelings and controlling their anger


ROP graduates report a deeper sense of connection to family and community after graduating The Program

Our Core Beliefs

The Six Principles of Manhood are the Pillars of our Programs


In order to be our best self, we must have the ability and willingness to hold ourselves accountable. A man is accountable for his words and actions.


A man is committed to the betterment of himself and his community. He provides for himself, his family and whenever and wherever possible his community. He realizes that each is an extension of him and what happens to any one of these affects him as a whole.


A man is impeccable with his word and sets the highest example of honesty in all of his affairs. A man’s word is his bond. Integrity is having values, not wavering due to outside influences, standing strong in how one should live and believe.


A man is committed to always doing his best. He has the courage to offer the very best of himself in any given moment. A man understands that as he learns better he will do better and this truth is applicable to all.


Manhood is defined by not only what you know, but by what you do with what you know. A man knows that to fully grasp and get the very best out of life, he must be willing to rigorously and fearlessly examinee himself.


A man is respectful of women. He is respectful of his elders, his peers as well as the youth. He holds himself as a standard of respect. He honors all people everywhere; speaking and acting respectfully at all times.

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